Benjamite Director


Nathan & Heather Stanley

Wolf Cub Directors

Wolf Cubs & Benjamities

Wolf Cubs are ages 6-8. Benjamites are ages 9-12. 

It is MANDATORY that a Parent/Guardian attend with all Wolf Cubs and Benjamites!

Full registration costs for Wolf Cubs and Benjamites is $315. If your Wolf Cub or Benjamite is paid in full by March 1st, you will receive a $30 discount off the full registration price.

All registration prices include the $50 non-refundable deposit.   

Here’s an overview of Wolf Cub & Benjamite program.. and a little about Tab Bregg; the Director of the Benjamites!

Wolf Cubs & Benjamites…What a great intro if you have never been to camp before!  My name is Tab Bregg and I have been the Director for the Benjamites since we started Camp Mashiach!  I also am a Board member. Ed Morales asked me to take this position to create something new for this age group. It has truly been a blessing to work with this age group and to be a part of Camp Mashiach!

Even though we still participate with what the teens are doing – we  have our own programs and Bible studies geared more to your age group. I am a Survivalist and Prepper, so I teach these skills to you. We will learn fun things like: how to start a fire, how to build a shelter, how to read a compass, how to purify water, how to survive if lost in the woods, and much more! Sound like fun? It’s definitely a challenge so make sure you pack accordingly. Get ready to get a little dirty, and bring footwear to do some hiking.  We will be outdoors and in the woods most of time.

Upon arrival, each Wolf Cub and Benjamite will receive a back pack. By the end of camp it will be full of survival gear for you to keep and take home to share what you have learned.

Rules for all Wolf Cubs & Benjamites:

  • 1] Stay with your group at ALL times and  listen to your Leaders. Your Leader must know where you are at all the times. 

  • 2] You must keep back pack with you at all times. 

  • 3] NO caffeinated snacks at evening snack shack. 

  • 4] If you register as a “Wolf Cub” or a “Benjamite” you will be a Wolf Cub or Benjamite (no bumping up)

My goal as Director is that each camper learn life saving skills and knowledge and to grow closer to his/her Creator and creation along with other like minded and caring staff. (also, to make the Teens jealous about what we get to do !!)