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Benjamite Director


Rob and Lisa 

Wolf Cub Directors



Benjamite Assistant Director

Wolf Cubs & Benjamities

Wolf Cubs are ages 6-8. 

Benjamites are ages 9-12. 

It is MANDATORY that a Parent/Guardian attend with all Wolf Cubs and Benjamites!

Full registration costs for Wolf Cubs and Benjamites is $395. 

All monies owed must be paid according to CM’s payment terms/deadlines.


Here’s an overview of Wolf Cub & Benjamite program... and a little about Tab Bregg; the Director of the Benjamites!


Wolf Cubs & Benjamites…What a great intro if you have never been to camp before!  My name is Tab Bregg and I have been the Director for the Benjamites since we started Camp Mashiach!  I also am a Board member. Ed Morales asked me to take this position to create something new for this age group. It has truly been a blessing to work with this age group and to be a part of Camp Mashiach!

Even though we still participate with what the teens are doing – we have our own programs and Bible studies geared more to your age group. I am a Survivalist and Prepper, so I teach these skills to you. We will learn fun things like how to start a fire, how to build a shelter, how to read a compass, how to purify water, how to survive if lost in the woods, and much more! Sound like fun? It’s definitely a challenge so make sure you pack accordingly. Get ready to get a little dirty and bring footwear to do some hiking.  We will be outdoors and in the woods most of time.

Upon arrival, each Wolf Cub and Benjamite will receive a backpack. By the end of camp it will be full of survival gear for you to keep and take home to share what you have learned.

Rules for all Wolf Cubs & Benjamites:

  • 1] Stay with your group at ALL times and listen to your Leaders. Your Leader must know where you are at all the times. 

  • 2] You must always keep your backpack with you. 

  • 3] NO caffeinated snacks at evening snack shack. 

  • 4] If you register as a “Wolf Cub” or a “Benjamite” you will be a Wolf Cub or Benjamite (no bumping up)

My goal as Director is that each camper learn lifesaving skills and knowledge and to grow closer to his/her Creator and creation along with other like-minded and caring staff…and also to make the Teens jealous about what we get to do!!

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