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Strengthening Faith Through Fellowship

We are living in a slice of history where everything is at our fingertips. Food, entertainment,

texting our buddies, knowledge, music, and more are all seconds away… and yet, despite being so connected to everything, people are lonely. Being a Torah Believer can make one feel even lonelier as we are often scattered around, and don’t have a congregation to connect and fellowship with. This is especially tough on our kids. Our kids and teens often feel like social outcasts; that they are “The ONLY one they know who keeps Torah…” making them feel like weirdos who are isolated and totally alone. Our kids and teens are starving for friendships and human connections.


Camp Mashiach was created to help our kids know they are NOT alone, and that there are

other kids out there that believe Torah too. Camp Mashiach’s goal is to equip youth to live in the ways of Adonai while creating an environment where they can build lasting human connections with other Torah believing youth through fellowship, Bible study, teachings, worship, and fun.


It has been a blessing to see how many kids have developed life-long community and

friendships over the years through Camp Mashiach. We pray that Adonai continues to draw our kids and teens closer to him, while speaking His life changing Truth into their lives, and

connecting them with other Torah believing kids that they can build lifelong, Yah-honoring

friendships with [Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, Galatians 6:2, Proverbs 12:26, 17:17, 18:24, 27:17, 27:6].

Unique Bible Study & Teachings

What our Bible Studies and Teachings are: We have Bible Studies and teachings that

meet the needs of our various age groups. Our Bible studies and teachings for each group are designed to be interactive, encouraging, unifying, and educational. The Bible studies and teachings help each age group grow spiritually based on Biblically sound principles. Our prayer is that our kids, teens, and young adults leave the camp with a better understanding of how to fight and resist the wicked ways of this world.

What are Bible Studies and Teachings aren’t: A time for personal conjecture or soap-box

teachings. Camp Mashiach’s firm policy is to avoid controversial, non-salvation issues. This

includes but is not limited to topics like: What calendar you follow, the name of Yah, flat earth, politics, conspiracy theories, or anything else that is a non-salvation, and divisive issue.


How we do this: Our Spiritual Advisory Team works with teachers and guest speakers prior to camp to review all teachings, Bible Study lessons, and devotionals to ensure all teachings are Biblically sound, and anchored in Biblical principles.

Our Staff members facilitate leading the Bible Studies for our kids and teens. If you want to

know what your kids are learning while at camp, we invite you to join us for the week! We

strongly encourage parents to be involved. It takes a village to make camp happen for our kids.


Our desire is to see parents make an effort to connect with their children and attend camp with them so you can be available for them when they need you. Over the years, we have witnessed profound growth and change in the lives of kids and their parents when they attend camp together. Children and parents should always desire to be neareach other. In the Bible, we have of Jacob and his children as an example of this [Genesis 45:8-10].

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