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General Health Statement

General Health Statement for All Guests 

We want everyone (campers, junior staff, tribe leaders, and adult staff) to have the best time possible at Camp Mashiach. That means keeping everyone safe and healthy while they’re here. 

Please be mindful of your camper’s health in the weeks and days prior to coming to camp. Please do not send your camper if they are actively exhibiting symptoms of any contagious illness within 5 days of the start of camp. This means if they are showing symptoms anytime on or after July 9, 2024 you should contact the Camp Administrator [] or Camp Head Nurse ( immediately so they can make a determination regarding your attendance.

Anyone exhibiting signs or symptoms of any contagious illness must report to the CM Medical Team for evaluation as soon as possible. These signs may include fever, vomiting, runny nose/congestion, cough, muscle aches/headache, fatigue, or any other symptom that is concerning.

Document Medical Information: Please take the time to completely document all medications, natural or pharmaceutical, that the camper is currently taking. Due to the possibility of dangerous medication interactions in the event of an emergency, these forms must be as detailed as possible regarding any and all medications, supplements, CBD, essential oils, naturopathy remedies, etc. Also be sure document as much health history (chronic conditions, severe illnesses, injuries, recent surgeries, and hospitalizations) as possible so that out Medical Team can provide the most complete care possible in an emergency.

Medications: All Wolf Cubs, Benjamites, and Teen Campers will be required to connect with a designated medical team member regarding medications during check-in. This is also your best opportunity to share any health concerns that were not included on your health registration forms. A decision will be made at the time of check-in regarding a designated adult and the most responsible way to handle and dispense medications, if necessary. 

DO NOT SHARE MEDICATIONS OF ANY KIND WITH ANOTHER CAMPER. This includes over-the-counter medicines, like Tylenol or ibuprofen or allergy medication, and natural remedies. 


A Special Note About the Importance of Hydration (Lessons Learned from Previous Years!) 

Know the signs of dehydration: weakness, tiredness, dizziness, headaches, dull eyes, nausea, cramps, dark or strong-smelling urine, not peeing for hours, even sore throats. Tell an adult if you are experiencing any of these. If you become dehydrated, you might take a day or two to feel right again. That’s a lot of camp fun to miss out on. Stay ahead when it comes to hydrating. 

PARENTS: Please encourage your campers to use the electrolytes as often as possible to maintain a healthy hydration levels during the various activities they will be participating in. There are many options, including ones that do not include sugar and are paleo/keto friendly. There will be water stations at every activity where they can refill water bottles throughout the day, however, maintaining a proper level of electrolytes is critical in the high heat and humidity of North Carolina in the summer. 

CAMPERS: If you think you are drinking plenty of water but still feeling poorly, it may be because you have gotten to the point that your body can’t hold on to water. It may take some time to recover. This is why electrolytes are so important.

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