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  • Who can attend Camp Mashiach?
    Any child who is 6-18 years old as of May 31 of the current year. Junior Staff [ages 19-23] ; Adult Staff [ages 24+] volunteer positions are available too.
  • Can I bring my child younger than 6 to camp?
    No. At this time, we are unable to accommodate children younger than 6 years old at camp. Please make arrangements for children younger than 6 years old to stay with family/friends if you are attending camp.
  • Does my child have to attend a Messianic Fellowship to come to camp?
    No. Camp Mashiach is open to any student who wants to come and enjoy a Christ-centered camping experience through the Torah-Observant lens, and have lots of fun!
  • What is the schedule for Camp?
    Click here to see the daily schedule [there will also be printed schedules available at Registration on the day of camp]
  • What should I plan to bring? Is there a packing list?
    Click here or see FAQ
  • Are there laundry facilities I can use while at camp?
    No. We are unable to provide laundry facilities while at camp. Please pack accordingly.
  • Do I need to bring physical copies of my registration forms to camp?
    No. All of our forms are now available during the registration process for e-sign! Please make sure you fill out all your forms electronically prior to check in on Registration Day. Please do not bring any physical forms with you to registration.
  • My child/camper takes daily medication. Is there a policy for this at Camp?
    All medications brought to Camp must be turned in to the nurse at the time of Registration on the day of camp. We have strict guidelines regarding the safety and administration of medicine to your child, as well as the protection of consumption by another camper.
  • Do campers need to bring extra money?
    Snack cards are available for purchase in $5 increments. These may be pre-purchased when you fill out your registration forms, or at Registration on the day of camp. We also sell limited edition shirts and hats. Aside from this, from time to time, we may have guests that sell t-shirts or souvenirs that campers sometimes will want to bring a little extra money for. If you wish to send money with them, please remember that they will be responsible for keeping up with their own money. We are also able to accept debit/credit cards safely and securely.
  • Are cell phones/iPads/computers allowed at Camp?
    No. All Campers and Junior Staff are asked to turn in their phones/tablets/computers, etc… at Registration. These items are kept in a secure location and are given back on the last day of camp. Multiple electronics lead to distraction throughout the week, and we want to encourage our campers to make personal connections with their peers. In addition, there are risks involved with electronics including water damage, loss or the potential of theft. If your camper needs to reach out, they can come to our Camp Leadership team to call you.
  • Can I bring my dog/cat/bird/mongoose/alpaca/river otter/raccoon/armadillo/ocelot/other pet to camp?
    No. We are unable to accommodate your pet at camp. Please make arrangements for your critters while you are at Camp.
  • What safety precautions are taken at the pool?
    There will be a certified lifeguard on duty at the pool during scheduled swim times.
  • Will guys and girls swim together? One-pieces or two-pieces for girls?
    Guys and girls will have separate assigned swimming times at the pool during the week except for the Mikveh service. We have a pool party after the Mikveh. During separated swim time, girls are allowed to wear appropriate one-piece bathing suits; while guys are allowed to wear appropriate swim trunks. Both guys and girls need to be fully dressed [shorts & t-shirt] while going to/from the pool. During the Mikveh and after during the pool party, both guys and girls must be properly covered up with a dark t-shirt and shorts.
  • Why does my 18 year old camper have to complete a background check?
    Safety is our #1 priority. Beginning in 2024, all guests [campers or staff] ages 18+ must complete a background check.
  • Who are the Camp volunteers/staff?
    All Camp volunteers/staff are carefully selected through an application process. A Pastoral Reference is required as part of the application process, as well as a complete background check. Many of our volunteers/staff have served at the Camp for many years, and the majority are Youth Pastors/Leaders at their churches.
  • Who should I contact in case of an emergency?
    Ed Morales [Camp President]: Jenny Beckner [Camp Administrator] 540.589.6111
  • My camper or I can only stay a couple of days. Can I still attend camp?
    Everyone attending Camp Mashiach [regardless of age] is expected to be at camp all week.Leaving early causes disruptions to the group and creates staffing shortages. We are unable to accommodate partial stays. Do not come to camp unless you are able to stay for the entire time.
  • Who should I contact in case of an emergency?
    Camp Administration:
  • Can you tell me if someone I know is registered?
    No. You will need to call/text/send a carrier pigeon to your buddy like they did in times of old to find out.
  • How do I register my child/student for Camp?
    Click on the “Register” tab on our website and follow the prompts.
  • How do I pay my deposit?
    During the online registration process, you will be prompted to pay a deposit using our securepayment processor. You can also select your auto-billing options to make future payments easier.
  • What if my church is paying part or all of the registration cost?
    Your church can make a debit/credit card payment for you by contacting our Camp Administrator at:
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Payments can be made via debit/credit card [all major cards accepted]. For those churches who will be making payments on behalf of one of multiple campers, they can contact our Camp Administrator at:
  • Can I pay in full for Camp when I register?
  • Can I make an additional payment for someone already registered?
    Yes. You will need to have the first name, last name of the registered camper. Once you have that information, you can contact our Camp Administrator at:
  • Can I pay my balance the day of Camp?
    No. All outstanding monies must be paid by the deadline listed in our payment information.
  • Is there still a paper form that I can fill out?
    No. All registrations must be completed online. This allows us to gather necessary camper information more efficiently and securely.
  • Are scholarships available?
    Sometimes. CM is only able to offer scholarships when donations are made to CM through the support of generous doners. Scholarships [if available] are ONLY for campers in need. CM is unable to commit to any scholarships up front. If monies are available, scholarships are based on greatest need. If you need scholarship assistance, please contact our Administration team at:
  • Can I donate to the Scholarship Fund?
    YES! CM is only able to offer scholarships through the gifts of generous doners! If you would like to donate to our camper scholarship fund, or towards a specific camper, you can do this by contacting our Administration Team at:
  • Do you have a family discount for large families/multiple children?
  • What time do I need to arrive on registration day and where do I go?
    Junior Staff & Adult Staff registration starts at 12:00 noon. Camper Registration starts at 3pm. Upon your arrival, you will be met at the gate by one of our Security Team members, who will direct you to the cafeteria. Please do not arrive extra early. Cabins are already pre-assigned.
  • What should I bring to registration?
    Yourself. All medications must also be turned into the nurse. You can also bring money to purchase limited edition gear, hats, and snack cards at Registration.
  • How do I get my child's/camper’s luggage to their cabin?
    Upon arriving at Camp, you will be instructed to a "Zone" where you will drop off your child's luggage. From there, you may park and proceed to the Cafeteria to register. Your luggage will be delivered directly to your cabin. You are welcome to carry any items directly to the cabin yourself. However, no vehicles are allowed in the cabin areas. Take this time to enjoy the casual walk to the cabin.
  • Why can't I just drive my vehicle into the cabin area to unload my luggage?
    Due to the limited space and narrow roads leading into the cabin areas, vehicles can become quickly backed up and trapped leading to congestion and delays. If you are staying at camp for the week, once your bags are unloaded, you must park your vehicle for the week at the tabernacle as instructed by our Security Team. You are not allowed to move your vehicle until camp ends. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • What if my child/student has to leave Camp during the week for a sports game, work, family function, doctor's appointment, etc.?
    Please notify our Camp Administrator when you check in on the day of camp if your child/student will need to leave during the week. At the time they are leaving, they must let their Tribe Leader know and must be signed out with the Camp Administrator in the Cafeteria. This is required each time they leave AND return to Camp. DO NOT leave with a child/camper without notifying their Tribe Leader & The Camp Administrator; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • What if my child/student gets sick/homesick during the week?
    We have a registered nurse on staff at the Camp 24 hours a day. If a child/student is sick or significantly injured, you will be notified immediately. Any injuries will be assessed by the nurse and additional medical care will be given if necessary. In addition, we will do our very best to comfort any camper who is showing signs of being homesick. In most cases, getting the child involved with other campers and activities allows them to start enjoying their time at the Camp. If, however, they are not consolable, we will notify the parent/guardian about the best course of action.
  • What time does Camp end on Friday?
    Camp ends at 12:00pm on Friday afternoon. Campers can be picked up at the cafeteria.
    • Sleeping bag or twin sheets/blanket & pillow
    - Deodorant [NOT A SUGGESTION!] - Towels: A couple for the pool, and a couple for the shower, washcloths - General hygiene items - Toothbrush, Toothpaste, etc… - Soap - Shampoo/Hair Care stuff - Flip flops [for the showers]
  • Clothing Stuff
    [See our Modesty Policy Here] You will likely change clothes at least a couple times each day - Closed Toed Shoes for all activities - Plenty of MODEST shorts - Tennis shoes [comfortable for walking/running] - Bathing suit [appropriate one-piece suits for girls; appropriate shorts for guys] - T-Shirts [minimum of 10 suggested. Make sure a couple are dark for swimming] - Clothing for theme nights [if you’re planning on participating] - Underwear [10+ pairs] - Poncho or Raincoat [It usually rains at least once at camp!] - Modest Pajamas - Socks [10-12 pairs] - A couple of pairs of Jeans/Pants - Sweatshirt/jacket/long-sleeved shirt
    - Bible, Notebook/Journal with Pen - Extra Money [for Snack Shack, Snack Cards, Shirts, Etc…] - Flashlight with fresh batteries - Watch [to tell time since you will not have your phone] - Electrolyte Packs to help with hydration. We recommend Liquid IV or Gatorlytes] - Bookbag/backpack to hold Bible, Flashlight, Water bottle, etc… - Anything needed for the Open-Air Camp Talent Show [Dance shoes, musical instruments, flags, etc…] - Alarm Clock - Sharpies [Black & Silver] for signing shirts/hats
    - Drama between yourself and another camper. - Anything valuable that may be lost or broken. We are NOT responsible for anything you may lose or misplace while you are at camp. - Weapons of any kind. - Anything that blows up, explodes, shoots, or creates fire. - Tobacco in any form, Vapes of any kind. - Alcohol in any form. - Drugs - Any item with direct ties to the occult [Magic: The Gathering cards, jewelry, etc…] - Anything you might be “unsure of”, as your Youth Leader/Pastor. [If you are unsure, chances are you shouldn’t bring it to camp]. - Strongly scented perfumes, spray colognes [Axe], etc…
  • Can I come and visit my child during the week?
    NO. The safety of everyone at camp is our #1 priority. Camp Mashiach is a closed campus. No visitors are allowed. We are unable to accommodate visitors. If visitors show up to camp, they are not allowed to stay, and will be asked to leave. If there is an extenuating circumstance where you need to see your child, you will need to reach out to our Camp Administrator at    If you child needs you, or needs to go home early, Camp Administration/Leadership will reach out to you. Thank you in advance for understanding and working with us as we try to do what’s best for all our guests.
  • Can I “Hang Out” for the week or “come and go as I please” at camp while my child is there?
    NO. We are unable to accommodate that. We are a ministry to serve our youth. We are not a getaway camp for adults. If you are attending camp for the week, you must register as Junior Staff [ages 18-23] or Adult Staff [ages 24+], and pay your registration fees. You are expected to participate and serve. It takes a village to make camp happen. If you are unwilling or unable to participate and serve that week, we ask you stay home.
    Safety is our #1 priority for all attending camp. We also want to avoid any disruption during camp to provide the best experience possible for all who attend camp. Whichever parent/guardian has custody/visitation [custodial parent] of the child for the period of camp, is the parent/guardian who is allowed to attend camp with their child.The non-custodial parent may visit during the Camp Mashiach approved visitor time[s] with prior written consent from the custodial parent. This written permission must be submitted to Camp Mashiach Administration PRIOR to the start of camp. If you show up during non-approved visitor time[s] and/or have not submitted the written permission prior to the start of Camp, you will be asked to leave, and not be permitted to stay on the grounds.
  • I'm the Youth Pastor/Pastor/Leader/Volunteer at my church/fellowship. Do I still need to fill out a registration form?
    Yes. Everyone who is planning to come to Camp as a Junior Staff or Adult Staff member must fill out a registration form, provide a reference, consent to a background check, and pay their registration fees.
  • Will all the students from my church/fellowship be in the same cabin together?
    All attempts will be made to keep groups together. As students are registering, if they are being registered by their parents, please remind them to indicate what congregation/fellowship/church they attend. This will help as we attempt to keep groups together in the same cabin.
  • When will I be notified which tribe my camper will be on for team competitions?
    No. Your camper will be notified at Registration what tribe they are on.
  • Are there promotional posters or images I can use to promote Camp?
    Promotional posters, images and videos will be available on our Media page. You are responsible for printing them.
  • Since registration is online, how can I know who is registered from my fellowship?
    You will need to ask the people you attend fellowship with. We do not publish this information prior to camp for safety reasons.
  • Can I just register all of the students from my church as a group?
    Our current online registration system does not currently support mass group registration. You can, however, collect their registration information and register them individually yourself if you would like. As you register them, just be sure to indicate that they are attending with your fellowship.
  • I need to make a payment for one or multiple students from my church. What's the process for doing that?
    For those churches who will be making payments on behalf of one of multiple students, they may do so by contacting our Camp Administrator at If there is an issue with your church paying via debit/credit card, please contact our Camp Administrator at
  • All campers and staff 18 years of age and older must consent to a background check. We do this to continue to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone attending Camp Mashiach.
  • How do I register as a Staff volunteer for Camp?
    Beginning in 2024, an application must be filled out to be considered for an Adult Staff or Junior Staff position. You can fill out the application here. CM requires an application to help make sure we have the right people serving our youth. We loving having Jesus-loving people invest in this generation; but we don’t let just anyone around our students. If you are interested in coming to a youth event to serve, please apply, and we will be in contact with you within three weeks. PLEASE NOTE TWO IMPORTANT THINGS: 1. The application is NOT your registration. It’s simply an application for us to screen the people we are bringing in to serve our youth. 2. Applications must be turned in at least 30 days prior to registration closing in order to be considered. Applications turned in after the 30-day mark will be rolled over for consideration for our next camp. Once your application has been reviewed, and we have reached out, you will be cleared for registration. All registration requirements must be met in order to attend camp as staff. Once you’ve been given the all-clear, you can click on the “Register” tab on our website and follow the prompts.
  • I do not have children. Can I still volunteer to serve at camp?
    YES! It takes a village to make Camp Mashiach happen, and we would be unable to do it without our amazing team of those who volunteer to serve during camp. If you have a heart for serving our youth, we encourage you to come join us for the week.
  • Can I “hang out” for the week or “come and go as I please” at camp?
    No. We are unable to accommodate that. We are a ministry to serve our youth. We are not a getaway camp for adults. If you are attending camp for the week, you must register as Junior Staff [ages 19-23] or Adult Staff [ages 24+] and pay your registration fees. You are expected to participate and serve. It takes a village to make camp happen. If you are unwilling or unable to participate and serve that week, we ask you stay home.
  • What positions/roles are available to serve in during camp?
    We have several positions that we need volunteers for during camp! We ask for your top three preferences during registration. We try our best to plug you into the area you desire to work in, but your preference is not a guarantee. We will ultimately plug you in based on the needs of Camp that year. Some of the roles/positions we have available every year are: Kitchen Cooking Team, KP-er’s [Dedicated Kitchen Clean-Up], Sparkle Team [Janitorial Clean-up of public areas], Tribe Leaders [Adult Staff only], Tribe Assistant [Junior Staff only], Activity Leader, Set-up/Tear-Down team, AV Team, etc…
  • What does it take to be a Tribe Leader?
    We require that Tribe Leaders be spiritually mature, responsible individuals with a positive & fun attitude. The Tribe Leader’s role is to remain with their assigned Tribe at all specified times. Tribe Leaders are responsible for leading the Tribe’s Connection [devotional] time, encouraging campers, fostering participation, being available if a camper needs prayer, an ear to listen, etc… and generally motivating the Tribe through a positive attitude. This role reports to our Senior Staff Leaders. If you want to be a Tribe Leader, we will require a letter of recommendation from your Church/Congregational Pastor/Leader.
  • Does Camp Mashiach serve Biblically clean food?
    Yes. None of our food contains anything unclean. All food at camp is Biblically clean [no pork, shellfish, unclean animals, etc…]
  • Can I bring my own food to camp?
    You can, but the kitchen is unable to store your food, or cook your food for you. If you have a special diet, you will need to plan accordingly, and have a way to store your food [in a cooler]. We are unable to provide you with ice.
  • Can I cook my own food while at camp?
    No. Due to state regulations for commercial kitchens, we are unable to allow people other than our Cooking Team to prepare food while at camp.
  • Are there any price discounts if I bring my own food?
  • Can I bring my crockpot?
    No. Due to state-mandates for commercial kitchens, we are unable to allow crockpots. You will need to plan accordingly.
  • Do you have Gluten Free, Diabetic, and Vegan Options?
    Yes. You will need to select these options at time of registration, as we are unable to accommodate this at the time of check in.
  • What are the sleeping arrangements at Camp?
    All sleeping areas have air conditioning. All bunkhouses/barracks have twin-size bunkbeds. There are two bunkhouses for those in the 6-12 age group [one for Boys, one for Girls]. There will be adult staff in each bunkhouse. Each bunk house has toilets & showers. Female Campers & Female Staff have three bunkhouses. There will be adult & junior staff in each bunk house. Each bunk house has toilets & showers. Male Campers & Male Staff have large, barrack-style quarters, on the second floor, above the cafeteria. There is a shared bathroom on the second floor with toilets. The showers are in the Gym, on the first floor.
  • Who gets to stay in the Hotel-Style suites?
    Key staff as determined by the Camp Leadership Team stays in the hotel suites.
  • Can I pay extra to stay in the Hotel Suites?
  • I am a light sleeper/need 8+ hours of sleep at night. Can I have a hotel room?
    No. You will be in with the campers as outlined above. No exceptions.
  • Do you have sites for a camper/RV?
  • If I am registering for camp, do I have to sleep at camp?
  • Can I find out before camp who I am in a bunk house with?
  • Will all the students from my church be in the same cabin together?
    All attempts will be made to keep groups together. As students are registering, if they are being registered by their parents, please remind them to indicate what congregation/church they attend. This will help as we attempt to keep groups together in the same cabin.
  • Can I switch bunkhouses after I arrive at camp so I can be with a specific friend?
    No. We are unable to switch you from your bunkhouse due to limited space.
  • Are Males/Females allowed into the opposite gender’s sleeping quarters?
    NO. Under no circumstance is there a reason for this to happen. If there is an emergency, we have Male & Female staff on our Safety Teams, and the appropriate person[s] will handle the issue. If your child needs you, and you are not in their bunkhouse, our Safety Team will get you and/or your child to the cafeteria to address the issue.
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