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Happily married to Lila, and father of three beautiful children, Julio “Israel” Calderon was born in

Bogota, Colombia South America in 1973. He receives the Lord in his life in June of 1998.

After a year of having given his life to the Lord he receives the calling to serve Him.


In 2001 Julio starts his Hebraic studies in the Ulpan (School of Hebraic studies) Yovel, in Bogota Colombia. In Ulpan Yovel where he also learn Chazzanut (Jewish Rituals) and some aspects of Jewish life and the Torah. After finished his preparation in ULPAN YOVEL, and been serving as Chazzan (Cantor and worship leader) in Kehilat (congregation) Yovel, he was ordained as Pastor Senior by his mentor Pastor Raul Rubio (President of YOVEL Messianic Foundation in Bogota Colombia) on July 19, 2008. Israel also has a degree in Bible studies from Laurel University in High Point North Carolina US. At the present time, Israel serves as Chazzan, assistant pastor, and worship leader at Valley of Blessing Messianic Congregation.

Assistant Camp Director


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